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Conduit Spacers Assembled in StripsThe Spacer Company range of Patented Duct Spacers allow for Conduit of varying sizes and configuration to be laid within a Conduit Trench or Duct with consistent  separation of conduits.

Our Conduit Spacers are designed to suit 100, 125, 150mm and 200mm Conduit.

Product features

  • designed to accommodate either light or heavy duty standard conduits
  • allow various conduit sizes together in the same trench
  • quick pre-assembly outside of trench
  • spacers lock together using the unique locking lugs to form a matrix
  • the matrix can be customised on site to suit the particular application
  • minimum 50mm separation between conduits by design
  • vary separation as desired during assembly

The Spacer Company Trenchless Bore Spacer allows telecommunications and power utilities to quickly and easily install conduit underground beneath structures such as roads and railways. The Trenchless Bore Spacer is designed to support the bundles of conduit throughout the installation process.

Each Trenchless Bore Spacer is custom designed and cut in house using our own CNC Router. A baffle can be cut using our light weight PVC Celluka or our NEW Super tough 100% recycled Polyethylene Board.

The Spacer Company Baffle Spacer allows you to customise the trench or duct layout for applications that may not be possible with our Standard Conduit Spacer range.

You can supply your own CAD data in DXF format or have our team provide you with a design to suit your application.

Spacer Company Baffles are CNC Machined using 15mm thick PVC Sheet.

DSC 3017
IMG 1496
DSC 3051

Spacer BlocksCustomised Conduit layout is possible using combinations of Spacer blocks placed throughout the assembly.

Spacer blocks are currently available in 20mm, 25mm and 50mm providing a flexible solution for your layout.

The hold down spacer system has been developed to provide a means of preventing conduits from floating as the flowable fill is being poured into the trench.

Using Acro props and removable adjustable poles – the Acro props straddle the trench supporting poles which provide downward pressure on the bank of conduits.

The system avoids the use of stakes or heavy concrete blocks and the only item left in the trench is a small plastic fitting.